The United Kingdom Announces Measures to Prevent the Spreading of Coronavirus

After the number of coronavirus infected people in the United Kingdom rose to eight, the Briton health officials have announced that the outbreak is an imminent hazard for Europe.

The declaration allows English public health representatives to insulate people who may have been contaminated with the pathogen. Britain’s health department has announced a number of measures to prevent the extension of the virus, which shows the seriousness with which the local authorities are treating the concerns of the outbreak.

The Measures Only Apply to England

The recently implemented regulations, which only apply in England, are among the first in Europe to enable the health officials to keep people in isolation if public health experts believe they may pose the risk of spreading the pathogen.

Four more individuals in Britain were associated with a series of transmissions at a ski resort in France that was tested positive for the virus. The new cases raise the total number of infected people in the country to eight, the health office stated on Monday.

The coronavirus has infected over 40,500 people, mainly in mainland China, and at least 910 lives have been claimed since the pathogen first appeared in Wuhan, a city hosting more than 11 million people in the central region of the country in December of 2019. Since it emerged last year, the pathogen has also spread to 24 countries, provoking concerns of a global plague.

The Number of Infected People in England Rose to Eight

The Department of Health and Social Care highlighted the fact that the possibility of being contaminated with the coronavirus in Britain remained ‘moderate,’ even as the department of health was requested to forcibly isolate infected people. The government has also assigned a hospital located near Liverpool, as well as a conference center in northwest London as quarantine facilities for those placed under isolation.

“I will do everything in my power to keep people in this country safe,” Matt Hancock, Britain’s health secretary, said in a statement. “We are taking every possible step to control the outbreak of coronavirus.”

He also stated that this signified the fact that health care providers would be ‘supported with additional legal powers to keep people safe across the country,’ noting transmission of the coronavirus would ‘constitute a serious threat.’

The new actions were revealed a day after a repatriation departure from Hubei Province, transporting approximately 200 citizens from Britain and other European countries landed at an air force base in England. British passengers were driven to the Kents Hill Park conference center, approximately 50 miles northwest London, for 14 days of isolation.

Also on board of the repatriation flight were 20 Germans, which were taken to a Red Cross hospital in Berlin. Similar to those 126 Germans who were flown from Wuhan back to Europe this month, those who arrived during the weekend accepted to an isolation time of two weeks.

According to a statement from Professor Chris Whitty, the Department of Health’s Chief Medical Officer for England, eight people in England had tested positive for the coronavirus.

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