The US Navy Refuses to Declassify Some Secret UFO Videos

A spokesperson from the US Navy Office of Naval Intelligence has stated that videos of a possible UFO sighing will not be released as the Navy believes that the action could lead to the potential damage that cannot be controlled.

In November 2004, several US Navy pilots stationed aboard the USS Nimitz aircraft carrier spotted a bizarre craft. The event has been classified as an unidentified aerial phenomenon as an object flew strangely over the Pacific Ocean. According to statements provided by the pilot, some of the moves taken by the unidentified aircraft or spacecraft seemed to defy the laws of physics.

The Navy has acknowledged that there are videos that show the object as it flies, but they have decided to keep them classified for now. Navy officials believe that national security would be harmed by the release of footage that shows technology, which is better than what exists at this point.

The US Navy Still Refuses to Declassify Some Secret UFO Videos

A request based on the Freedom of Information act has been registered as some seek to learn more details about the UFO encounters that have been observed by Navy employees. The ONI spokesperson mentioned that the Navy believes that the videos contain sensitive materials that have been classified as top secret. After analyzing the materials, the Original Classification Authority determined that the materials should not be released since they could damage the national security of the country.

The situation is further complicated by a source that stated that a Pentagon spokesperson mentioned that they have footage of the event. Still, it will not be released to the public.

It is quite challenging to imagine how complex or shocking are the features of the UFO, to determine the Navy to declare the videos as top-secret material. However, it is worth noting that misinformation and conspiracy theories tend to surface quite often on the internet, and a PR nightmare can be hard to mitigate.

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