There Are No Traces Of Alien Life On The Second Interstellar Visitor, Comet Borisov

In 2019 an unexpected comet became the second interstellar object that passed within our solar system, with the first one being the famous Oumuamua. Its passage raised some interesting questions, with the most important one being the possibility that some intelligent life could be found within the void of space.

A team of researchers from the Breakthrough Listen project has announced that no traces of life or other significant signatures were present on the 2I/Borisov Comet. If any signs could infer such a possibility, they will remain an enigma for now.

According to an astronomer from the SETI initiative, even if interstellar travel could be possible and alien life has managed to build an operational probe that is capable of this feat, current technology may not allow us to observe such an event. Even if this was the case, the chance to observe such an event is a bit over zero.

Comet Borisov, The Second Interstellar Visitor, Shows No Traces Of Alien Life

Researchers are planning to find a hard limit related to this potential. Several controversies were sparked when Ouamuamua was observed for the first time since the object had a strange shape, similar to an elongated cylinder. SETI tried to scan the object in an attempt to track down radio signals that could hint the presence of intelligent design, but nothing was found.

The same methods were used in the case of the Borisov comet, but there were no results. While this does not mean that the objects do not carry any form of technology, it is difficult to trace them with the help of electromagnetic radiation scanners that can be found on Earth at this point.

More than two petabytes of data were analyzed during the project by the researchers. Even if the results may have been disappointing, further research will take place since there is a chance that exciting data could be traced in the future.

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