There’s Not an Exoplanet out There Which Can Become the Second Earth

Over the past few years, we have come to understand more about planets that exists around stars. The number of exoplanets observed has risen from a dozen (from just 10 years ago) to more than 4000 confirmed today, and all thanks to NASA’s Kepler mission. They are of various sizes, orbital distances, and they stay around all types of stars, so we can say that we know more than just speculation. These are facts.

There are many questions left unanswered about the realm of science. One of them is when we will find our first inhabited planet beyond our Solar System? Here is another one: is there any planet out there that can be habitable by humans? Are these planets in our Solar System, or can we find others in other Solar Systems? Are they similar to our Earth? We certainly know one thing: asking how similar an exoplanet is with our Earth is actually wrong. The universe is infinite and fascinating, and the best life we can have may not be on Earth.

If we take a look at the planets of our Solar System, and the other worlds that surround us, we know for sure that the Earth is unique and special. Earth is our home, the only one where we know that life rose, sustained, and thrived. We see the biosphere has transformed, and that it is now complex, more intelligent, and advanced. So when scientists are looking for a second Earth or an exoplanet that is quite similar to our planet, they’re actually looking for some conditions which are identical to what we have now, on our home planet.

Will they be able to find something like that? Probably not, but our hopes are high.

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