This Drug Can Save The Lives of Severely-Ill COVID-19 Patients

Many researchers tell us that we should all learn how to live with the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Even though it could be true, the good news is that researchers are making significant progress in learning how to fight the disease. If the rhythm is maintained, pretty soon the COVID-19 disease should become just a very light infection.

According to a new UK study, anti-inflammatory drugs can reduce mortality rates of severely-ill COVID-19 patients with 20 percent. More precisely, the effectiveness of hydrocortisone for people on ventilators was analyzed.

Professor Anthony Gordon from Imperial College London declared:

“Taking the data from all the seven trials combined, in the patients who weren’t treated with steroids, about 40 percent died from this severe COVID-19,”

He further explained:

“In the groups that were given the various steroids, 32 percent, roughly, died, so that’s a 20 percent reduction in the risk…

“That means if you treat 100 patients giving them steroids, you would expect to save eight lives, which is really impressive to see a result like that.”

Prepare for the second wave

Although Europe was looking like it had the COVID-19 situation under control, the disease starts to infect an increasing amount of people every day in several countries. Although they were already severely hit by the ongoing pandemic, countries like Spain, France, Italy, the UK, and Germany are now facing a second wave. Hopefully, far fewer people will die because of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, given the latest progress made by researchers worldwide.

The United States remains the most affected country by the pandemic (6.3 million infections and over 191,000 deaths), with Brazil following up (over 4 million infections and 124,000 deaths), and India occupies the third place with more than 4 million infected people and a death toll that exceeds 69,000 people.

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