This is Why Raptors did Not Actually Hunt in Packs

There’s a new report that suggests that Velociraptors and their kin did not hunt in packs, as dogs do now.

The raptors are well-known from the movie Jurassic Park, in which they were shown as very smart, great hunters, which work in groups in order to hunt prey.

Joseph Frederickson, from the Weis Earth Science Museum, stated that: “Raptorial dinosaurs often are shown as hunting in packs similar to wolves. The evidence for this behavior, however, is not altogether convincing. Since we can’t watch these dinosaurs hunt in person, we must use indirect methods to determine their behavior in life.”

Apparently, the problem with this “pack” thing is that the living dinosaurs – birds, and their relatives – crocodilians – don’t really hunt in groups, and they are not even after prey that’s larger than themselves. This behavior, that includes pack hunting, does not really fossilize, so we cannot test it to see if they actually worked together in order to catch prey.

Scientists suggested that they might behave more like a Komodo dragon, or like crocodiles. Apparently, there’s a “correlation between pack hunting and the diet of animals as they grow.”

When it comes to Komodo dragons, babies are the ones at risk of being eaten, so they find a good place to hide in the trees. They find there food that’s usually not available to them on the ground. And this is not how packs work when it comes to food.

Frederickson stated that, if we are to take a look at the diet of young raptors, and the one of old raptors, they might suggest that they hunted in groups. In order to do so, they got the chemistry of teeth from the raptor called Deinonychus, which lived during the Cretaceous Period.

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