This Place On Earth Makes Life Impossible To Develop

A recent discovery is showing that our planet has a particular area where not even a microbial life exists. This place is located in Ethiopia, in the hyperacid and hot field of Dallol. It’s hard to believe it so, but the region of Dallol is actually near a volcanic crater. The area from the Danakil depression is a hot like Hell region where not a single microbial life can exist because of the toxic gases and hot water boiling over and over.

Scientists studied the area and found out that the domain is one of the hottest regions from Earth, without any chance of an environment to develop. During winters, the temperature is going up to 45° C and beyond, which are leading to a negative pH and high acidity.

Another recent study conducted in the torrid place from Ethiopia is saying that microorganisms can adapt and live in those extreme conditions. Because of that study, new research appeared to demonstrate the contrary.

Life cannot develop in this place on Earth

Purificacion Lopez Garcia, who is the lead author of the new study, alongside his mixed team from France and Spain, is saying that life does not exist in Dallol. Garcia was very meticulous about its works, so he takes care that all the samples collected from the acid and salty pools were not contaminated.

The results of the analyses were that no microbial life exists in there. The only thing they discovered was a primitive microorganism named Halophilic Archaea. The crazy fact is that the primitive organism was around the crater, in the deserts, or the saline canyons, not in the pools.

Finally, the team used all the technologies and the equipment they have, such as X-rays, electron microscopes, fluorescent flow cytometry, or chemical analysis. Garcia is concluding with his study that even if in some areas with liquid water mineral particles can be found if they are not carefully analyzed, the confusion with fossilized cells can occur. The study wants to show that there are places on our planet in which organisms don’t exist, so neither does life.

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