Three Asteroids Heading Past Earth – Are We In Danger?

Everybody has his fears in life, even though some claim to not have any. You may be afraid of loneliness, rejection, torture, injustice, being killed, being robbed, mothers-in-law, mice, sleeping in darkness, your girlfriend cheating on you with your best friend, not being able to open your jar of pickles, getting old, getting dumb and so on. But any of these fears pale in comparison with the idea of a devastating asteroid hitting our planet.

NASA is tracking three asteroids which are expected to scrape past Earth within hours of each other, and the space agency figured out their speeds, sizes and other valuable data. The three unwelcomed guests will be near our planet on Monday, September 30.

The three “wise guys” are not too big, but outrageously fast

The three asteroids approaching Earth by tomorrow are not big enough to be “global killers”, but nor small enough to not produce any damage if they hit our planet. And judging by their high speeds of thousands of kilometers per hour, being next to an impact with such a fast object can’t possibly be any wet dream for you.

The biggest of the three space rocks is Asteroid 2019 SP, having a measurement in the range of 111.5ft to 249ft (34m to 76m), almost as wide as a football field. The asteroid will close-in on Earth’s location around 6.41pm BST (5.41am UTC), traveling at 15.06km per second or 33,688mph (54,216kph).

Asteroid SH3 is the second largest of the trio, estimated to measure somewhere between 62.3ft to 137.8ft (19m to 42m) in diameter and it’s flying through space at speeds of around 31,675mph (50,976kph). It will approach closest to Earth at around 2.37am BST (1.37am UTC) on Monday.

Lastly, the smallest asteroid is the one called Asteroid 2019 SN3, which will skim the planet around 12.46pm BST (11.46am UTC). It measures somewhere in the range of 42.6ft to 95ft (13m to 29m) across and it’s travelling at speeds of around 7.68km per second or 17,179mph (27,648kph).

Is Earth in danger of being hit by any of the asteroids?

Luckily for us, none of the three scary asteroids will hit our planet. Asteroid SN3 will come closest to Earth, but it will safely miss by 525,200 miles (845,227km). Therefore, there’s no reason to sound the alarm.

It is widely believed that a huge asteroid wiped out the dinosaurs approximately 65 million years ago, creating an enormous crater and abundant ashes which blocked the sunlight for many years. And no sunlight means no more oxygen for the plants to be making, therefore complex life forms will die. It isn’t a matter of will such a scenario will repeat itself, but WHEN it will. Let’s just hope that until then humanity will be advanced enough technologically to handle the threat.

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