Three Massive Black Holes Are About To Crash

This unusual black hole trio was found after a lot of different observations of our universe. This includes NASA’s Chandra X-Ray Observatory. Initially, researchers wanted to study the black hole pairs, but then they found three, and they were so close to one another. They are also supermassive, which means that they are hundreds of thousands to billions of times much more massive than our own Sun. According to NASA, this discovery is the best one yet.

Ryan Pfeifle, who’s a professor at George Mason University in Virginia, said that they were looking for pairs of black holes, but that, because of their selection technique, they found this amazing system. This is also the most potent piece of evidence that was found for this kind of system of supermassive black holes.

Up until now, researchers have seen a lot of examples of only two black holes merging into more massive objects. But the merging of three supermassive black holes is quite the rare event. This brand new discovery can help us in better understanding how the black holes actually appeared.

It’s safe to say that the black hole trio was found a billion light-years from planet Earth. Researchers have named this system of black holes SDSS J084905.51 + 111447.2 (or simply SDSS J0849 + 1114).

We have found quite a deal

This system was found with the help of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey – SDSS for short – telescope from New Mexico, US. After the system was found, the team of scientists started working on a project that was classified as classified SDSS J0849+1114, a group of colliding galaxies.

The Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer from NASA then had its role in the study, too, with the infrared light, which came from the black holes.

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