Train of ‘UFOs’ in the Sky Were, in Fact, the Starlink Satellite Constellation

Montana residents have recently reported seeing a thread of peculiar lights in the night sky. What they thought to be numerous UFOs that signaled an alien invasion ended up being a result of SpaceX’s Starlink satellite constellation that has been launched in Earth’s orbit.

SpaceX sent 60 satellites into Earth’s orbit in May alone and another batch of 60 on November 11th as part of the company’s project called Starlink, which is due to enhance satellite internet access all over the world. However, the reflective satellites are also allegedly generating threads of light in the sky, making unaware people fear of alien invasions.

The most recent report regarding the train of Starlink satellites came from the cities of Browning, Rocky Boy, and Lodgepole in Montana, with residents sharing the sightings with the local news portals. Computer scientist Jen Golbeck from the Univesity of Maryland also indicated on Twitter that the thread was also visible in Illinois, Iowa, and Michigan in the past week. The constellation launched back in May left a similar wave of ‘UFO’ sightings across Europe as well.

Other Companies Might Follow in SpaceX’s Footsteps

Now, astronomers are indicating the constellation as worrisome because it is allegedly distracting them. The satellites were captured by scientists managing the Dark Energy Camera at the Cerro Tololo Observatory in Chile. About one in 40 images depicted the satellite thread, with each of them ultimately separating as they place into their scheduled orbit.

Astronomer Cliff Johnson at Northwest claimed that currently, the satellites are more of a disturbance than a real issue, but may become so as their number keeps increasing.

Apparently, the Starlink constellation of satellites could lead to other companies launching their own probes, obstructing the night view and releasing more space junk into Earth‘s orbit that we will ultimately have to clear away somehow.

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