Tried and Tested Tips for Boosting Your Metabolism

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With weight loss advice saturating our lives, it’s challenging to sift through all the noise to determine what truly works. There are no exact shortcuts to weight loss, but you can boost your metabolism. Medical News Today defines metabolism as the rate one’s body burns calories for energy. This varies from person to person, as it also involves a host of factors such as sex, age, muscle mass, body fat, genetics, and activity level. Although there are factors you are born with that are beyond your control, here are some tried and tested tips for speeding up your metabolism to get your desired results.

Intermittent fasting

Studies have shown that while there may be certain foods that facilitate the metabolism such as chili and legumes, you may also consider when to eat these as well. Intermittent fasting, otherwise known as time-restricted eating, may be more effective than simply restricting calories as it can increase fat burning hormones. Researchers have discovered that intermittent fasting can enhance health without affecting the body’s core clock. Professor Juleen Zierath has said that this could pave the way for others who seek to discover the relationship between intermittent fasting and metabolic health. It is proven, however, that fasting lowers insulin levels while increasing blood levels of human growth hormones – both of which make fat burning easier.


Although you cannot exactly pop a pill and expect to lose weight, some supplements can facilitate your metabolism when taken alongside a well-balanced diet. Dietary supplements that are made with organic ingredients may have detoxifying properties that can rid the body of toxins that cause bloating and impede regular bowel movements. Pretty Me’s review of Detoxi Slim Plus highlights how this contains garcinia extract which converts stored fat into energy. It also prevents fat from accumulating, aids in weight loss, and can reduce stomach fat. Over time, you may notice how these can also satiate you for longer periods.

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

To put it simply, HIIT supposedly gives you the best and most effective workout in the least amount of time. Kinesiology professor Todd Astorino says that it involves intense stretches of exercise that boost your heart rate to 80% of its maximum capacity, alternated with those of lower intensity or rest, and can come in the form of resistance training and even aerobics. HIIT is beneficial for cardiovascular health and VO2 max, which indicates one’s endurance and max volume of bodily oxygen available. Moreover, this disrupts the body’s homeostasis and allows you to burn more fat through a surge in metabolic rate even after you have accomplished the workout.

Green tea

Of the numerous weight loss beverages out there today, green tea remains natural and superior among all. The Times of India writes that while the improvements in metabolism are small, green tea is wonderful for your health because it is packed with nutrients and antioxidants. Two to three cups a day is sufficient, but the amounts may vary depending on every individual’s metabolism. The Spruce Eats features The Republic of Tea People’s Green Tea as a great overall choice, as its tea leaves are sourced from their origins in China. It is minimally processed and contains no additives or bleaches, so this ensures that you are getting a concentrated dose of only the good stuff.

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