Trump Administration’s Pact For Moon Mining – New Details Surface

The Trump administration is reportedly drafting a legal blueprint for mining on the moon under a new international agreement sponsored by the US – this is called Artemis Accords.

This agreement would be the latest effort to cultivate allies around the NASA plan to put humans and space stations on the moon in the next ten years.

This comes right as the space agency is playing a massive and growing role in the implementation of the American foreign policy.

The draft has been reportedly not shared with the US allies just yet. The Trump administration and other countries that are eyeing space are currently looking at the moon as a strategic asset in outer space.

Future missions on Mars 

The moon also has value for ling term scientific research that could enable future missions to the Red Planet.

According to the latest reports coming from the Guardian, the Artemis Accords is named after the NASA’s new Artemis moon program and they propose some safety zones that would be surrounding future moon bases in order to prevent damage or interference coming from rival countries or company that operate close.

The Guardian also made sure to reveal that Russia who is a major partner with NASA on the International Space Station will not be an early partner in these accords, a source revealed.

This is mainly due to the fact that the Pentagon increasingly views Moscow as hostile for making “threatening” satellite maneuvers toward US spy satellites in Earth orbit.

It’s also important to note the fact that the US is a member of the 1967 Outer Space Treaty and it sees these safe zones as an implementation of the highly debated articles.

It states that celestial bodies and the moon are “not subject to national appropriation by claim of sovereignty, by means of use or occupation, or by any other means,” as cited by The Guardian.

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