Two Mating Flies Trapped In Amber Were Found

A recent discovery is portraying two mating flies trapped in amber. Back in 2011, a team of paleontologists from southern Australia discovered the two flies in the Otway Basin. The fossilized resin was dating back 40 million years ago.

Researcher Jeffry Stilwell is performing its study ate Monash University. When he first got his hands on the fossil, he was amazed by the unicity of this phenomena.

He declared that finding such small creatures in an ancient resin is almost so rare, let alone the surroundings in which the animals were caught in the sticky situation.

After seeing the picture, paleontologist Victoria McCoy declared that her view on this is that probably one fly was trapped in the amber, while the other one was trying to mate. In the meantime, Stilwell declared that amber is the key to preserve ancient organisms in the same stage with no altering occurring from time or the conditions it was maintained.

Scientists discovered two mating flies trapped in amber

Other amber samples have pictured animals nourishing themselves or parasites in action, but the mating flies are something that nobody has ever seen.

What is even more interesting is that usually in the southern hemisphere, it is tough to find such samples. Most of the amber discoveries are originating from the Northern hemisphere.after this discovery, the team of researchers began to search for other examples of insects in Australia in New Zeeland.

Their search was not to no avail since they managed to discover a remarkable abundance of ancient insects, coming from two different times. The first insects originated from Southern Pangaea and lived during the Triassic period, while the second samples include flies from Southern Gondwana that are dating back from the Cretaceous times.

The samples found by the team are incorporating 5.800 amber pieces with species that are more than 54 million years older.

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