UFO News: NASA Astronaut Hints At Aliens In New Tweet

It’s been just revealed that NASA veteran astronaut Michael Collins just shed some light on the presence of alien life outside of our planet, and he tweeted about encountering some alien forms on other planets.

The NASA astronaut was for a little time the loneliest man in the universe. Just in case you don’t know what’s this all about, well, it happened when he solitary orbited the Moon during the Apollo 11 mission back in 1969.

But it seems that the astronaut might not have been so lonely after all. He has some suspicions about alien life in deep space, and if these prove to be accurate, we’re definitely not alone.

We could find mind-blowing mysteries one day 

Express.co.uk just revealed that the astronaut had an exchange of words on Twitter where he spoke about the alien mysteries that humans might find one day.

Not too long ago, he was asked by a fan if he considers seeking alien life beyond our planet or finding another habitable planet more important.

The astronaut said that these two options are essential, and they intertwine with one another.

He posted the following words: “I think of it all as Outward Bound, a journey that may reveal both life and place. Ultimately, a place to live may be the final goal but may be dependant upon the life forms found there.”

He continued and said: “I just hope we never have to make the decisions to leave this Earth. #AskMichaelCollins.”

You can check out more of the discussion on Twitter.

UFO sighting near the ISS

Speaking of alien life, a few days ago, we reported that UFOs had been spotted near the ISS during a NASA live stream, and more than that, one of the cosmonauts is reportedly acknowledged what’s going on.

All this is revealed by an alien life conspiracy theorist.

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