UFO Sighting: Alien Ship Near The ISS? It’s All Captured On A NASA Live Stream [VIDEO]

Another mind-blowing UFO reveal surfaced online, and it has everyone crazy with excitement. While a lot of people claim that this is just another conspiracy theory, others are really intrigued after checking out the latest news coming from the controversial online publication Express.co.uk.

They reported that UFOs have been spotted near the ISS during a NASA live stream and more than that, one of the cosmonauts is reportedly acknowledged what’s going on. All this is revealed by an alien life conspiracy theorist.

Alleged UFO trio pops up near the ISS

The online publication mentioned above notes that the self-proclaimed ET life expert Scott Waring is positive that he has captured the moment a Russian ISS cosmonaut noticed a UFO trio pop up on a NASA live stream.

He took to his etdatabase.com blog to address details about the conversation with the iconic orbiting space station.

He also posted the video that he’s talking about, so you should definitely check it out below.

“This conversation recorded from the NASA live cam is 100% proof that NASA knows about alien craft buzzing past and around the space station. When the Russian astronaut aboard the ISS said, “a ship…” The NASA ground control cut him off and said, “Copy all,” before he could finish what he was saying,” Waring notes on his blog.

He continues and writes, “She already saw it on live cam at ground control. She reacted fast, before he could talk about it too much…but he already said the most important thing he could…”a ship!” You see, even he knew it was an alien ship off the bow of the ISS. Eventually going to a red screen with no cam.”

Express.co.uk notes that this footage was taken place back on November 20.

We recommend that you check out the original blog post in order to learn more details on the really strange event.

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