Unusual Celestial Object Is Discovered By Astronomers

CNN notes that when stars are acting strangely, astronomers notice this. It’s been revealed that a star known as HD74423 was analyzed by amateur astronomers who first spotted an anomaly in data captured by NASA‘s latest planet-hunting space satellite TESS.

Astronomers did not realize that they were looking at an entirely unknown type of star, and it was the very first one of this kind.

This star is located at about 1,500 light-years from Earth, and it’s been flagged to the astronomy community. Astronomers did not understand this either.

A chemically peculiar star 

“What first caught my attention was the fact it was a chemically peculiar star,” said Simon Murphy, study co-author.

He continued and said: “Stars like this are usually fairly rich with metals – but this is metal-poor, making it a rare type of hot star.”

The star is about 1.7 times the mass of the sun, and they saw it pulsating.

CNN also writes that stars are known to pulsate, and even our sun is exhibiting this kind of activity from time to time due to the hot gas beneath the surface, which causes oscillations.

Regardless of the star’s age or how long/short these oscillators last, the pulsating stars are usually similar – the pulsating can be seen on all of the sides of the star.

The star is pulsating in a single hemisphere 

The new star only appears to be pulsating in a single hemisphere of the surface.

“We’ve known theoretically that stars like this should exist since the 1980s,” said Don Kurtz, study co-author.

He continued and said, “I’ve been looking for a star like this for nearly 40 years, and now we have finally found one.”

The study was published the other day in the journal Nature Astronomy.

It’s been revealed that the experts were able to find out why this star behaves in this way – it’s one of two stars in a binary star system, and it’s teamed with a red dwarf star.

We recommend that you check out the study in order to learn more details.

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