UV Light Indeed Kills The Novel Coronavirus, As Per New Research

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An exciting discovery is helping the fight against the deadly coronavirus. Scientists have discovered a solution to kill the new coronavirus situated on surfaces, producing minimum costs, and being chemical-free. Unique UV light might be the response against the ongoing pandemic, helping the authorities to clean public spaces, as well as medical personal and their working area, as per sources.

The research was conducted by a team of analysts from the University of California. The leading researcher, Christian Zoller, has declared that the disinfection of the medical personnel is of the utmost importance during these crises. Therefore, the team is studying the implication of LED technology for sanitation purposes.

Other studies have already been performed on this matter, UV-C disinfection being already part of the medical system. Technological equipment included the benefits of the ultraviolet light disinfection. Because of the effects of coronavirus and its rapid spreading, the power of the UV light has caught the attention of researchers.

UV Light Kills Coronavirus

The scientists claim that particular adaptations for this technology would result in inactivating the skills of COVID-19 while on surfaces or in the air.

Up until now, no proper solution was given to protect the essential public areas. However, the UV light technology is showing promising results. According to previous research, 99.9% of the bacteria present in a simulated area was killed with the help of ultraviolet light within no more than 30 seconds. The experiment was conducted a couple of weeks ago, and it is commonly used for sterilizing the interior of cars.

One thing that researchers must take into consideration is the fact that ultraviolet light can harm humans’ skin, and up until now, it has been used only in empty areas. In addition to this, the World Health Organization states that ultraviolet disinfection lamps should not be used for the sanitation of the population. Therefore the UV light will probably be used for water and areas sanitation purposes.

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