Vikings Season 6 – Is Alexander Ludwig A Betrayer?

The sixth season of Vikings got many fans confused, wondering whether Bjorn is dead or not. A recently deleted picture of Alexander Ludwig on Instagram might be a relevant detail about the context.

Vikings is just taking a pause after the midseason finale of season 6, but fans are aching to know the answers to their questions until the series returns.

Bjorn’s fate is uncertain, as Ivar stabbed him in the last episode – that is, if everything didn’t happen only in his head.


The deleted pictures portray Ludwig, who was apparently behind the mask on the Vikings set. He has a gray beard, that wasn’t previously seen on the King of Kattegat in the series.

Also, his scalp hair was noticeably longer than it used to be during season 6A.

Ludwig’s photo was commented with phrases like:” Right now, I feel like a hipster shortly before shooting an advertisement for beard oil.”

The sudden change in the character’s appearance might suggest that in Vikings season 6, there is an even more significant leap in time between episodes, and Bjorn survives the whole series, which is theoretically possible if his discussion with Ivar on the beach is only symbolic rather than real.


In some interviews, Vikings showrunner Michael Hirst and Alexander Ludwig already said that Bjorn would return at least “in some way.”

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