Viral Warning: Mars Rock Samples Could Bring Alien Viruses To Our Home Planet

We have enough to deal with regarding viruses here on Earth, and we definitely don’t need others from outer space, that’s for sure. The novel coronavirus has probably changed our lives for good, triggering an unprecedented global crisis.

We definitely don’t need an alien virus to struggle with as well. Still, experts are reportedly getting ready for a potential close encounter of the viral kind.

Experts say that when humans return from a visit that they plan to make on Mars in the 2030s, they will have to stay in quarantine because rock samples from the Red Planet could be highly dangerous, as dangerous as Ebola even if the risks are pretty low.

New York Post revealed that the rockets that are coming back home from Mars would have to undergo a chemical cleaning that involves intense heat.

Planetary protection for Earth 

The online publication revealed that the Standford professor of aeronautics Scott Hubbard told the Stanford News that “planetary protection” for Earth must be paramount when welcoming back anyone or anything from Mars.

“In my opinion, and that of the science community, the chance that rocks from Mars that are millions of years old will contain an active life form that could infect Earth is extremely low,” Hubbard said.

He continued and explained that “But the [Mars] samples returned by [NASA] will be quarantined and treated as though they are the Ebola virus until proven safe.”

It’s been also reported that samples that are returning from this summer’s planned, un-manned Mars 2020 mission that involves NASA’s Perseverence Rover will be “baked at a high temperature” before experts can study them.

NASA plans to send humans to Mars as early as 2035.

Speaking of Mars, there’s new research that has shown the fact that billions of years ago, there was not only water that was present on the Red Planet – there were whole lakes and rivers there.

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