Virus With Completely Alien DNA Is Crawling On Earth

This latest piece of news is far from being an alien conspiracy theory, although it might sound like one at first. just revealed that there’s something that lurks on our planet, which has a completely alien DNA to us.

It’s true that unknown viruses are creeping all over the place on the planet, but the moment when experts discover one, the genetic makeup of the virus can be eventually figured out.

Meet Yaravirus – the alien DNA virus 

Well, it seems that Yaravirus has no genets that anyone on this planet has ever heard of.

This strange virus was able to break the internet due to its unknown DNA. This discovery shows experts that they may not be so familiar with the life forms on our planet as they used to believe.

We’re pretty confident that this is the last thing that you want to hear amidst the worldwide scare triggered by the coronavirus.

But the good news is that this microbe is only a threat if you are an amoeba.

“Contrary to what is observed in other isolated viruses of amoeba, Yaravirus is not represented by a … complex genome, but at the same time carries an important number of previously undescribed genes,” according to virologist Jônatas Abrahão and colleagues. The study which details the case was recently posted on bioRxiv.

When someone asked on Twitter: “do you have any information whether this virus might infect humans or not?” the response was a negative one, “Because if it did, there would be cases already.”

It’s already a known fact that spooky new viruses are emerging all the time, one that might as well have jumped out of a SciFi movie is pretty rare, we have to admit.

This was accidentally discovered in a Brazilian lagoon during a hunt for giant viruses, according to the same online publication.

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