Vitamin D Might Be The Key In Beating Coronavirus, Study Says

If you are afraid of Coronavirus, you might consider getting some light.

A Yahoo Life report says that researchers from Trinity College Dublin published a study that shows that vitamin D deficiency and high mortality rates from COVID-19 are proportional.

The Study

According to the report, the study analyzed vitamin D levels of older people in countries profoundly affected by Coronavirus,” and it was revealed that the areas with higher death rates have corresponding vitamin D deficiency rates.

Sunlight is crucial for producing vitamin D. Alternatively, you can take supplements or eat food with an increased concentration of vitamin D like whole eggs or salmon.

That, as simple as it sounds, might mean the difference between spending time at home and getting hospitalized.

Importance Of Vitamin D And How To Obtain It From Sunlight

Believe it or not, most people don’t get enough Vitamin D.

It is estimated that over 40% of American adults don’t meet the minimum recommended intake of vitamin D.

The vitamin is generated from cholesterol in your skin. The process happens when the skin is under sun exposure.

Still, please don’t overdo it! Too much sun exposure will cause other problems because of the harmful UV rays.

Vitamin D instructs cells to absorb calcium and phosphorus, some of the most critical elements for healthy bones.

Lack of vitamin D can lead to osteoporosis, depression, some cases of cancer, and muscle weakness.

To maximize your vitamin D levels, make sure to get sunlight around midday, especially during summer.

It’s estimated that in the UK, you only need 13 minutes of sunlight exposure during summer three times a week to keep vitamin D levels healthy.

The recommended daily dose of vitamin D is 700 IU, which is about 15 mcg.

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