Volcanoes on Venus Are Still Active: New Research Explains Why

volcanoes on Venus

New research found 37 active volcanic structures on Venus. Such a thing means that the planet is still geologically active. 

Researchers have known that Venus has a younger surface for quite some time. Proof of geologic activity and a warm core dots the ground of the planet in ring-like structures dubbed coronae. These formations appear when plumes of hot material deep inside the planet reach the mantle layer and crust. Here are all the details. 

Venus’ Active Volcanoes Reexamined: New Results and Discoveries

Scientists thought for decades that the coronae on Venus were signs of the ancient activity and that the planet had cooled enough to cease the geological activity in its core. But, in the new research, a team of scientists utilized numerical models of thermo-mechanic activity underneath the surface of Venus to develop high-resolution, 3D models of coronae formation. The results were astonishing. 

Using the simulations, the team was able to identify features present only in recently active coronae and match them with those observed on the surface of Venus. They then found that some of the variations in coronae across the planet have different stages of geological evolution. The research offers the first proof that coronae on Venus are still developing, showing that the planet’s core is still boiling. 

“We are able to tell that at least 37 coronae have been very recently active,” said Laurent Montesi, a professor of geology at UMD and co-author of the study. 

The active coronae on Venus are scattered, but they indicate the most active parts of the planet. They also provide hints to the workings of the planet’s core. The recent results could help scientists to find the target areas where geologic tools should be installed on future missions to Venus. Europe’s EnVision is one such mission scheduled to launch in 2032. Scientists are very content with their research and hope to discover more significant clues soon.

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