Was the Moon Landing Faked? Many Believe So

A large part of the population, along with numerous experts, have tried to tell that NASA‘s controversial Moon landing was faked by the space agency in a film studio. For years, most former and current NASA scientists have attempted to convince the public otherwise.

The Apollo 11 mission has become history, along with Neil Armstrong, who allegedly stepped on the lunar surface on July 21st of 1969. Footage released by NASA shows the astronaut digging the United States flag into the surface and delivering his ‘one small step’ speech.

The event has been surrounded by controversy, though, most of which say that NASA faked it and slowed down the footage in order to pep talk America at the peak of the Cold War.

Now, Howard Berry involved in filmography said in a statement for Quartz: “Some people may contend that when you look at people moving in slow motion, they appear to be in a low-gravity environment. Slowing down film requires more frames than usual, so you start with a camera capable of capturing more frames in a second than a normal one—this is called over-cranking.”

He continued: “When this is played back at the normal frame rate, this footage plays back for longer. If you can’t over-crank your camera, but you record at a normal frame rate, you can instead artificially slow down the footage, but you need a way to store the frames and generate new extra frames to slow it down.”

Was the Landing Faked?

Overall, the film editor said that faking the landing on the Moon in a studio seems a bit unfeasible. He explained that shooting the action on a film would need thousands of feet of film, as a normal reef of 35mm film lasts 11 minutes and its 1,000-feet-long.

“If we apply this to 12 frames per second film running for 143 minutes, you would need six and a half reels,” Berry said.

However, these artifacts are nowhere to find; a NASA official claimed a while back that they destroyed all the technology required for a Moon landing, which is extremely peculiar, according to many.

Opinion polls taken in different places many years ago have showcases that between six and 20 percent of the American population, 25 percent of Britons, and 28 percent of Russians surveyed believe that the Moon landing was faked. The numbers are definitely much higher now.

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