Water On The Moon – A Reality Or Just A Fantasy?

Water on the Moon

Earth’s natural satellite, the Moon, is closely linked to an impressive number of natural events occurring on our planet. Therefore there is no wonder why researchers are investigating this satellite with so much passion and curiosity. One of their main concerns at the moment is whether the Moon has or not water on its surface.

To determine if water exists on the Moon in mind, a team of researchers from the Department of Planetary Sciences part of the Brown University of the United States has already announced that their analysis shows that the Moon might have a storehouse of water. The liquid consists of particles of crystals, as well as volcanic explosions that happened inside the natural satellite.

Until a recent study, it has been commonly believed that the Moon could never have the vital fluid. Apollo 15 and 17 missions had contradicted the general view over this matter, back in 2008, when a group of researchers published their discoveries.

The research about the water on the Moon

The leading director of this study, Ralph Milliken, stated that it is possible to analyze some pyroclastic deposits that would prove the existence of water on the Moon. What is still uncertain is how did the necessary hydrogen to form water survive the conditions on the natural satellite.

One of the theories that explain the existence of water in outer space states that at the beginning stage of the solar system, there has been a collision between an object the size of Mars and our planet. Therefore the Moon might be the remains of this object.

Any discovery regarding the outer space is of great interest since we are still very far from knowing anything in particular about the Universe. There is still enormous research to be done regarding this thrilling matter and the space organizations are working around the clock to bring humanity on the Moon, once again.

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