We Could Meet Aliens In The Next 30 Years, Says Nobel-Prize Winning Astronomer

2019 is about the end, and we still haven’t met any aliens so far – at least, the general public doesn’t know anything about such encounters so far.

But, predictions regarding when we’ll get to meet ET are pretty optimistic in the sense that we might witness such a thing during our lifetime.

We’ll find alien life in the next 30 years 

The Independent.co.uk just reported that a Nobel prize-winning astronomer has a pretty optimistic prediction regarding this subject.

He believes that we will find evidence of alien life in the next three decades.

The online publication mentioned above notes that a couple of days ago, Professor Didier Queloz, from Switzerland, said he was “convinced” of the existence of extraterrestrial life after winning the 2019 Nobel Prize in Physics.

“I can’t believe we are the only living entity in the universe,” the professor said while speaking at the Science Media Centre in London, according to The Telegraph, as cited by the Independent.

“There are just way too many planets, way too many stars, and the chemistry is universal,” he said.

Life must be somewhere else as well 

He continued and explained that “The chemistry that led to life has to happen elsewhere. So I am a strong believer that there must be life elsewhere. Life doesn’t just mean a green man coming to you, life started way before animals were crawling on the surface of the Earth.”

The professor is certain that we will have detected aliens in 100 years’ time.

But, on the other hand, it’s been reported that he is positive that this will happen much sooner than that. This will reportedly happen when people build more advanced tech that’s capable of detecting life on more distant planets.

Professor Queloz, who discovered the very first planet that’s outside our solar system, won the Nobel Prize. Since this critical discovery, 4,100 more exoplanets have been discovered.

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