We Have Official Information from NASA’s Probe that Is Flying Around the Sun

Since 12 August 2018, when the Parker Solar Probe has entered the space, until now, we have fifteen months of gathered information. The probe is actually on the third solar flyby. NASA is publishing to the public the data from the first two flybys by now. Everyone curious, who wants to search, analyzes and finds more about the Sun, and those missions can search online.

The Parker Solar Probe

What is fascinating at this mission is that NASA’s probe is practically the only one that had managed to go so far in space, so close to the Sun. Besides the closeness of the probe, the information gathered in this mission is very important. Also, the Parker Solar Probe is setting the record for being the first spacecraft built by man, for its speed and closeness to the star.

Regarding the data gathered, in its tours around the Sun, the probe is measuring around the corona. The corona is the near environment for the Sun. Every step of this mission, from the design of the probe, to its success, record, and information gathered, can lead humankind to find spectacular data about the Sun. In the future, scientists and researchers can analyze and tell us more about the Sun.  We can learn more about its structure, why and how it is functioning, and also, the most crucial aspect for us humans, how to predict solar storms and other severe weather conditions.

Moreover, Nour Raouafi, who works at NASA as a scientist for the Parker Probe, is saying that making all the information public, everyone can contribute to this mission. This could also help scientists and the purpose of making discoveries in time. The probe has various instruments that are measuring the solar wind, and the researchers are analyzing the characteristics.

Finally, you can find all the data from 31 October 2018 until 19 April 2019 on NASA’s Space Physics Data Facility website, or at the Solar Data Analysis Center.

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