West Nile Virus Identified In Mosquitoes In Petrolia, Ontario

Lambton County health officials confirmed the presence of West Nile virus in mosquitoes in Petrolia, a town in Ontario. The mosquitoes carrying West Nile virus were found in a trap placed in the region on August 28th.

West Nile Virus Confirmed In Mosquitoes In Petrolia, Ontario

The health officials reported that there are no human cases of West Nile virus across Lambton County, but there were two cases in other regions in Ontario.

“So it’s important to avoid areas with high mosquito populations if possible — we know that’s not always practical, but taking extra precautions from dusk till dawn when mosquito activity is high is good, wearing protective, light-colored clothing, and also using repellents containing DEET or icaridin and following the label instructions very carefully,” explained Lori Lucas, the Health Protection Supervisor.

As Lori Lucas stated, mosquitoes breed in standing waters, so you should drain such water bodies if you have any on your property. That would be the first protective method you should take against mosquitoes that could carry West Nile virus.

More About West Nile Virus

The only method to get contract West Nile virus is via bites of infected mosquitoes. When it gets in your body, West Nile virus is usually peaking during mosquito season, between summer and late fall. Even though there are no specific medications to treat West Nile virus or any vaccine against it, West Nile is not a very dangerous disease.

Usually, people who contracted the West Nile virus do not feel sick in any way, but those with an impaired immune system, children, and older adults are prone to complications. According to the CDC, only 1 out of 150 with West Nile develop a sever, maybe even fatal, complication.

To reduce the risks of contracting West Nile virus use protective methods against mosquitoes, including repellents, wearing long-sleeved clothes and long pants to avoid mosquito bites, or avoid spending time around standing water bodies.

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