What Is Plex And How To Use It To Watch Movies And TV For Free!

Plex is a media player that stores and plays videos, audio, and photos from user collections, but it can also stream content.

Plex is a fantastic solution for accessing all sorts of media in a simple package.

What Can It Do?

Plex can stream many news videos and allow you to watch various shows. Also, it can protect your privacy and security.

Here are the file types it can play:

  • Movies: MP4, MKV, AVI, MOV, DIVX, etc.
  • Photos: JPG, PNG, RAW, TBN, etc.
  • Music: MP3, M4A, FLAC, WMA, etc.

Most shows on Plex are available at 780p and 1080p, but the rest of the content can be streamed in DVD quality without stepping up the resolution.

Plex can be used on most devices, including personal computers, smartphones, smart TVs, laptops, iPad, etc.

Plex is available in nearly all countries, so you most likely have access to it.


Plex offers you the option to sign up via the designated Plex app or website.

You will have to fill up some fields with personal information, but that does not take a lot of time.

You can use your Plex account as soon as you log in.

You can watch movies and TV shows freely!

If you haven’t spotted anything you fancy, you can go to Plex “Movies and TV” library from the main menu and start browsing.

Content is grouped by various criteria like popularity, date, TV shows picked by Plex staff, etc.

Plex is a free service, so it’s short on recent movies, but it has a vast collection of movies from the ’90s and ’00s.

Plex features content from all around the world, so you can even watch Bollywood movies.

Plex runs ads since that’s the only way they can manage to make some money, but the ads are minimal and don’t impact functionality severely.

Extra Features

Apart from other features, Plex users can enjoy additional functionalities to its video streaming services. It offers a watch list to add movies for future viewing. Also, Plex has advanced subtitle support and includes many on-demand titles in its generous library.


Plex offers a large number of authorized channels.

Users can add more channels to their liking.

To do that, they can search the channel in the app and add it. The process requires only five minutes and grants access to an extensive collection of content worldwide.

Please consider giving Plex a shot since it’s so easy to set up and use.

Its enormous collection of movies, TV shows, and music that you can stream for free is impressive, considering that it’s a free service.

With Plex, you are only one search away from your favorite movies. Also, the watch list makes it easier to pick something new to watch.

The fact that it features content worldwide makes it even better because that adds diversity.

We hope to see Plex get even better and keep on adding new content. It would be a shame for it not to

We would like to see more free services like Plex emerge and grow, which would mean new competition to the market, which would motivate many services to get better or more convenient.

We don’t know how long will Plex remain available, so try it why it’s still online.

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