Where Did The Novel Coronavirus Really Come From?

The general population believes that the story regarding the origin of this novel coronavirus begins in the Huanan seafood market in Wuhan. This is the place where it’s believed that a person was infected by an animal.

Covid-19 is still rapidly spreading all over the world, and this pandemic has changed our whole lives, and some analysts even say that we’ll never be able to go back to the way life used to be.

Also, the economic pandemic that will hit the entire world following the coronavirus terror is believed to be even more significant than the disease itself.

The Guardian writes that stock footage of pangolins, which are scaly mammals that look like anteaters, have made it on the news bulletins, and these are suggesting that the animals were the staging posts for the virus before this jumped to humans.

It’s been also revealed that there are also various uncertainties about some aspects of the Covid-19 origin story that experts have been trying hard to reveal. This includes what species passed it to humans.

Experts are trying really hard to find these details because they could turn out helpful to prevent another pandemic.

The online publication mentioned above notes that prof. Stephen Turner, head of the department of microbiology at Melbourne’s Monash University, said that it’s likely the virus originated in bats – but this is the only certainty out there regarding this matter.

Hypothesis that the novel coronavirus emerged in Wuhan’s live animal market 

Turner also had something to say about the hypothesis that the virus emerged at the Wuhan live animal market from an interaction between an animal and a human being – he simply believes that this is not conclusive.

It’s been revealed not too long ago that tigers at the Zoo on NYC became infected and this shows how viruses can move around between species.

“Understanding the breadth of species this virus can infect is important as it helps us narrow down where it might have come from.”

The Guardian addressed the fact that there’s a host animal that’s involved in this whole trajectory of the virus – the pangolin, which is the most illegally traded animal in the world.

We recommend that you check out the entire original article to find out more info and theories that The Guardian addresses.

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