While COVID-19 Keeps Us Inside, the Video Conferencing Industry Is Thriving. Here’s How

Because there’s a pandemic happening, the video conferencing industry has gained popularity all around the world. A lot of industries have been impacted, but the video conferencing market is simply thriving. It helps companies keep in touch with their employees, partners, and clients all over the world.

Many companies support remote working, and they need to be in touch with their employees and customers, while social distancing. So the demand for video conferencing was grown a lot in the last few months. Zoom, Google Duo, Skype, they are all even more popular now. Also, messaging apps started to come up with interesting features.

WhatsApp supports now up to 8 group participants. Up until now, it only supported 4 participants. During the lockdown, the platform has rolled an update, which made it possible that more participants could take part in the call. This is available for both iOS and Android. With all of this, they did not compromise the end-to-end encryption.

Google Meet is now free until September this year. The company also came with a lot of features that improved the meeting quality and overall user experience for Google Duo Web. They added a tiled layout for group calls with up to 16 participants, you can share high-quality videos with audio during the meetings, and there’s also noise cancellation.

Facebook Messenger is on fire – it’s not only a dedicated messaging service that has support for video calling. They added a new feature called Facebook Messenger Rooms, which supports up to 50 participants during a video call. Participants do not need to have a Facebook ID in order to use the service, which means that those of you who don’t have a Facebook account are able to take part in meetings.

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