Wuhan Coronavirus In U.S. – First Case Gets Robot Treatment

It’s been just revealed that a robot is used in the US to treat a patient who is infected with the Wuhan Coronavirus, according to the latest reports coming from CNN.

The patient is a man who is in his thirties, and he checked in at the ER because he believed that he was experiencing symptoms of the Wuhan coronavirus. Today, he has been diagnosed with it, unfortunately.

The patient is in a stable condition 

The man was recently in Wuhan, and he was really worried about his symptomatology. The doctors took him to isolation, and he has been in a stable condition.

The role of a robot doctor is vital because it can protect the medical staff by limiting the doctors’ exposure to the virus.

The robot is able to take the patient’s vital signs and it communicates them to doctors who are not in the same room via a screen.

“The nursing staff in the room move the robot around so we can see the patient in the screen, talk to him,” Dr. George Diaz detailed for CNN. He is the chief of the infectious disease division at the Providence Regional Medical Center in Everett, Washington.

It’s being checked if the man is still contagious

The man is indeed in stable condition but he has not been released yet. It was also reported that medical professionals had ordered more tests for the patient.

These tests are essential to show whether the patient is still contagious or not. Meanwhile, Washington started health officials are talking to at least 43 people who are reportedly close contacts of the patient.

Interestingengineering.com notes that “”Close contacts” are defined as anyone who may have come within 3 to 6 feet of the infected patient. All such contacts will be contacted daily and actively monitored for signs of the virus.”

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