You Can Now Own the International Space Station as a LEGO Toy

The International Space Station, also known as the ISS, managed by NASA, is the most high-priced vehicle currently existing – even more overpriced than a Ferrari 250 GTO or a Datsun.

With the complete price tag reaching $150 billion, the International Space Station is ‘a bit’ out of the price range for most of us, and the fact that it is only found in space, most likely means that there’s no way to get Dougscore on it. To be realistic, it would perhaps never happen anyway.

Fortunately, Lego has just released a decent alternative. The Danish vehicle manufacturer that produces the worldwide-known LEGO-brand toys, consisting mostly of interlocking plastic bricks, has also designed and built numerous amusement parks all over the world, known as Legoland, and owns several retail stores.

The new ISS Lego set went on sale on February 2nd for approximately $70, a massive discount compared to the real vehicle. Lego has revealed the set following a win of a fan poll on the Lego Ideas website. The interlocking toy’s design, depicting the ISS, has been presented twice before but rejected.

NASA Has Given Its Consent For the Design

As per the company, NASA specialists were consulted and approved the official design. The Lego set includes a space shuttle orbiter, which hasn’t been used since 2011, obviously; in addition, the set also contains a cargo vehicle that looks incredibly similar to SpaceX‘s Dragon capsule.

The International Space Station is an intricate construct of research laboratories located in low Earth orbit, in which American, as well as international astronauts, are carrying out novel scientific and technological examinations in a microgravity setting. The main objective of the floating space station is to support scientific research and other mechanisms needing the qualities of humans in space.

The ISS is a great and highly-requested addition to Lego’s decent space sets, which include a Saturn V and an Apollo lunar lander.

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